Monday, January 2, 2017

September 11, 2016, Mountain Biking, Mueller's-Rudy's Flat- North Canyon

Fall-ish. View NW towards Session's Mountain, from just below Rudy's while heading toward North Canyon.

Snow stake rock, near the 'rocky switchback 1/4 mile west of Rudy's. This thing is about four feet tall and by January it should be covered (in a normal year).

Riding the 'demo' 29-inch Epic. I was sure I would never buy a 29-inch bike, or an Epic, but I rented this thing just to be sure I new it was a crap bike, but by the first switchback up the Mueller Par trail I was new I would buy it. Without even pushing I shaved off two minutes off my PR from Mueller's to Rudy's (53.5 mins).  I'm now convinced that my 12-year-old, 26-inch Stumpjumper was an outdated dinosaur, even after setting a PR the previous week. Today's ride blew my mind on the climbing ability of a 29-inch Epic. Two weeks after this shot I bought one. 

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