Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cutler Ridge, January 27, 2017

Today we skied Cutler Basin and I was stunned at the width, breadth and vertical up there. It seems absolutely huge compared to Bountiful Ridge where I usually ski. I've skied Cutler several times before and each time it seems bigger than the last, which tells me that I need to get out of Bountiful more. Your mind is only as large as your environment.

Christian with Ben Lomand Peak straight ahead and the huge face of Cutler Basin.

Cutler Basin is huge and the vertical is much bigger than Bountiful Ridge. . . oh and no bush-whacking.

Brett and Christian and Ben Lomand

It snowed all this week setting records in many locations, and today was the first day of sunshine in over seven day. It was cold (high teens) and it was absolutely frigid in the shade, but the sunshine warmed my skin and my soul. The avalanche danger was forecast at 'considerable,' so we were cautious and didn't jump onto big, steep open faces. We did see signs of natural slides (zoom into the above picture) but overall the snow seemed very stable on the lines we skied. 

Slide activity in the basin, but where we skied, on the east-side lines below the saddle, the snow was very stable. 

Wind was raking the ridges all day, but it was mostly calm down in the basin where we skied.

Willard Peak is the north bookend of Cutler Basin.

First run tracks. Brett and I won't win any figure eight contests unless I work on my turns.

James Peak and Powder Mountain across (east) Ogden Valley.

Christian and Brett on the saddle on the south side of Ben Lomand overlooking Ogden.

Wind still whipping off Ben Lomand.

Ben Lomand Peak from the saddle. This was our high point for the day as we didn't want to risk a slide going higher on Ben Lomand, or subject ourselves to that wind. As it was, I was cold all day. 

Brett, Christian.

Heading up for another lap and the wind is picking up.

Our exit run in lower Cutler Basin.

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