Monday, January 2, 2017

August 19, 2016, Clearing Downed Tree Off North Canyon Trail

Hints of fall . . .

. . . near entrance to 'Kara's Pot Farm.'

A "Before" picture of a downed  tree on the North Canyon Trail about 1 mile below Rudy's Flat. This thing blew down late last winter. Someone had cut and cleared part of it, but left most of it, probably thinking they'd created a nice mountain bike "bunny-hop" feature.  The reality was the blockage was causing most hikers, bikers, motos and horse-backers to cut around it off-trail, and causing the side-hill of the trail to erode, so I finished the job. Besides, I hadn't used my chain saw all summer, so why not?

Another "Before"

After, and much better if I do say so.

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