Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tarragona, Spain, May 12, 13 and 14, 2013


Round-a-bout at the head of the Rambla, as seen from our hotel window.
Start of the Rambla, just off the round-a-bout by the green 16-story building. My son lived in that building for about four months in 2011. When I missed him I'd go to street view on Google earth, and pretend I was there. It was great to visit his home knowing he'd be with us on the return.

Statues on the Rambla.

At the end of the Rambla overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Roman Amphitheatre, now in ruin, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a UNESCO
World Heritage site, as it much of old town Tarragona.

Spanish Pizza. The restaurant was built on the ruins of the Roman city of Tarraco.

Basement of our restaurant, the waiter showing us the Roman walls which now serve as the foundation to his business. As you can see, he uses that basement during the busy times. 

Old town Tarragona at night.

The calle leading to the Cathedral.

Outside the Cathedral of Tarragona.

Details of the cathedral entrance.
Outside the Cathedral. I have no idea what or why, but I still took the picture. A boy thing I guess.

Detail of roman mosaic in the Cathedral.

Fountain in old town Tarragona.

Chance meeting on the Rambla with Elder Marcos (Spain) and Elder Nuc (Chech Republic). Actually, we'd been stalking them for two days, but tried not to disrupt their work. Trevor was companions with Marcos for several months.

Air guitar on the Calle de la Guitarea. . .

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