Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bountiful Ridge, March 6, 2015

While gearing-up at the TR, this yappy-mutt wouldn't shut-the-hell-up. 

The "Three-Nephites," a major constriction on the approach. 

What a difference a week makes. This is the 'Rocky Switchback' a quarter mile below (west) of Rudy's Flat. Last week this was nearly free of snow and I booted well past Rudy's. Today, covered with about a foot of new-ish snow.

Moose bed near Rudy's Flat.

30 inches (78cm) at Rudy's Flat.

Skinner up the head-wall above Rudy's.

Last week bare, this week a foot of snow, at the rocky choke mid-way between Dead Tree and Rectangle Peaks.

View down the ski run I call 'Scott Cutler's Yellow Coat,' named after a high school friend who, on a cold spring camp out at this spot in 1976 (when we were about 15), luxuriated in his warm. yellow coat while the rest of us FROZE. This is at the rocky choke, midway between Dead Tree and Rectangle Peaks. 

Sun, snow, shadows - beautiful! Wish the photographer could do it justice.

My first run turns down Crescent Bowl (right). Crescent Peak is the high point (left) with John Mills' turns from March 3rd  descending form the top (left).

My skin track across the top of 'Scott Cutler's Yellow Coat,' taken from near the summit of Rectangle Peak. 

First run turns. 

48-inches (123cm) at the base of Crescent Bowl

Heading up for run number 2, this is my skin track ascending Rectangle Run-North, with John Mills' turns of March 3rd descending on left to right.  

My first two runs, upper Crescent Bowl. 

My turns from Crescent Peak, view west towards the Oquirhs. 
Looking at turns.  

Getting warm and wet.

The view heading home, almost to the North Canyon-Mueller divide. 

Two days old, my tracks in Crescent Bowl (upper-middle), and my skin track up Rectangle Run-North (mid-lower-right), John Mills' tracks everywhere (fading, but visible on far left and far right)! He did eight laps on March 3rd! I need some of his mojo! 

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