Sunday, March 29, 2015

B.C. Skiing, Farmington Canyon, March 27, 2015

The Farmington Canyon gate is still closed but the road is clear of snow to about half  mile above the Sheriff's Cabin and, due to hard pack snow, would be driveable (by a 4X4 ) to the parking lot. USFS, open that gate! The lower two miles of the road was recently bladed and is tough to ride on a two-wheeler due to the resulting 4-inches of loose, sharp rocks. Like riding through freshly poured concrete, it kept grabbing my front tire and trying to drop me. My arms ached for the next two days due to over-gripping the handled bars (which had nothing to do with being a total satchel-ass during tax-season).

I'm really not that fat. The gut is my camera (mostly) under my jacket. Seriously. 

Entrance to the Sheriff's Cabin. Think I'll get towed?? No worries, I didn't see another soul all day except for one surly mountain biker (glared at me) at the first switchback on my way out, .

Lower Snotel site in Farmington Canyon (elevation 6,750 feet), reporting eight inches of snow today.

In an average year there is eight feet of snow here in late March.

Bountiful Peak from the Rice-Mud divide, taken at about 8,000 feet. 

Almost to the top of Rice Bowl for run #2. I was hoping for perfect corn but, as you can see, I got mushy wind pillows. Still fun skiing, but a bit grabby and inconsistent and my bad choice of wax didn't help. I'm dumping Dakine and going back to SWIX or TOKO. You get what you pay for.

North view, Frances Peak and Rice Bowl on right.

View west from the top of Rice Bowl. Antelope Island (right) Oquirhs and Stansbury Mountains (left-ish)

I love Rice Bowl. Easy skiing and it usually holds good snow long after the sun comes out. The slope angle is moderate (30-35 degrees) but still very slide-able. Today, on the uphill side of the highest large Douglas Fir in the bowl (just out of view on right)  the avy debris was piled deep by a recent slide. 

My first two runs. Wet, sloppy, old powder, not the corn I was hoping to graze. 

I recently read that people who take a lot of selfies are 100-times more likely to commit a mass-murder than those who don't. What the hell?? Sounds like the hypothesis of one dropped on their head as an infant. No offense to anyone, just been around too many self-titled 'intellectuals' who dream up some really weird shit. 

My first two runs and another selfie . . . be very frightened. 

View south-east and Bountiful Peak from the top of Rice Bowl.

Did I tell you how much I love skiing Farmington Canyon? Fun glades and open bowls at a consistent 34 degree slope, and rarely another skier, but I had to buy a motorcycle to make this happen.

One of many beaver dams on Rice Creek, emerging from a pathetic winter snow-pack. A month ago I skied across that dam.

Photo from the Sheriff's cabin, 1,700 feet from the top. My turns are sooooo sloppy, and I wasn't even on tele-gear! My only excuse is wet wind pillows and bad wax. Hot-knife-through-butter - NOT!


  1. Nice day, sorry I was not motivated enough to go up. Grim winter, grim conditions, but you again proved that it was worth getting out, good job.

  2. Conference Saturday at Our Lady of Perpetual Recreation. I repented and attended services on Ben Lomond. My redemption was only partial - a stiff wind kept the snow hard on the summit. I was blessed with silky turns on Cutler Ridge - till the snow gave out. Thanks for setting a great example.