Saturday, February 16, 2013

Afternoon BC Skiing, Bountiful Ridge 2-15-2013

No more bush-whacking! OK, maybe a little, but the torn polypro, ripped flesh and the requirement of safety glasses is now much reduced. I've been exploring a new approach up the North Fork of North Canyon and now have it dialed. It used to be a mile of hell fighting those willows and gamble oak, now the bush-whacking is down to about 100 yards.

39 inches at the flats (elevation 7,100 feet). The valleys are buried but the mountains still have a thin snow pack. 

View SW, towards SLC and the Oquirhs, at about 7,800 feet.

View NE, towards Session's Mountain.

50 inches in Rectangle Bowl (7,700 feet). Two years ago I measured over 90 inches at this spot. 
View west from the skin track up the SW aspect of Rectangle Bowl. Although the smog is building, Antelope Island is visible. In previous posts, only the upper peak (Frary Peak) was visible.

The central Wasatch: (l-r, far skyline) Gobblers Knob, Raymond, Dromedary, Sunrise, Broads Fork Twins, Thunder, Lone Peak.

Rectangle Bowl, Dead Tree Ridge (descending to right), SLC and the Oquirh Mountains to the SW. 

Great turning in upper Crescent Bowl (N aspect, 35-38 degr. slope).  

Lower Rectangle Run: 30 degr. at the upper ridge, 38 degr. at the base where the forest pinches off the run (photo location). Still great turning in spite of the NW aspect and sun. With all the roller-balls I'm sure I caught the last good day on this slope until the next storm; it'll be sun-crusted in the morning.

My proverbial shot at the end: ski-tracks (l) and skin-track (r). Only one run today and no nighttime descent, but better than nothing. I got away from work way too late and then had to get home for a family party. Quick and furious skiing, laying down big GS turns to get home in time (and also in honor of Ligety's GS Gold today).  

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