Friday, January 4, 2013

Mt. Wire Lunch Run 01-04-2013

Salt Lake City in January, from 7,100 feet, view SW.
I'd rather smoke an unfiltered Camel. They smell better, and probably much healthier.
Smog creeping up the canyons with the Central Wasatch above: (l-r) Mt. Raymond,
Dromedary, Broad Fork Twins, Thunder Mt., Mt. Olympus (mid-foreground) and Lone Peak.
Oquirh Mountains and downtown SLC somewhere below. Antelope and Stansbury Islands are also hidden.
Oquirhs and downtown SLC.
Blue sky overhead.
Deer, lazing in the sun.
Red Butte Ridge.
Game trails.

How many packs did I smoke? Tee-shirt weather at 7,100 feet.
(l-r) On the skyline, SE side of Bountiful Ridge, Burro Mine and Grand View Peak. Great skiing, few people, long approach.

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