Monday, January 21, 2013

Dawn Patrol, Bountiful Ridge 01-19-2013

Yeah, I know, last post I said I hated Dawn Patrols, but the skin track was in, it was Saturday and nowhere to be . . . why not?

Upper North Canyon.
Yesterdays skin track, mid picture.
Bountiful Peak.
Beautiful day above the mank of SLC.
Yesterdays turns in upper Crescent Bowl.
Topping out on Rectangle Peak.
Coyote tracks? I heard them howling last night.
The ridge heading up rectangle Peak. I need a better camera, or some Photoshop skills.
Turns from yesterday, or were those today? At least I can go home and nap rather than work.
My wife always calls me a DORK! But the laughs on her, I'm not married to a DORK!
(Only a dork would wear such a huge pack!)

1 comment:

  1. Going back for some additional skiing was well worth it, especially after all the work to lay in a skin track. Also, abut the pack... I think it is the hat that makes you look dorky...

    Great day, warm temps, clean air, it was good to be out.