Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pyramid Peak, May 15, 2016

Views on a misty Sunday morning from Pyramid Peak (aka Cave Peak), May 15, 2016:

View east from the summit of Pyramid Peak (Cave Peak on USGS maps) toward the Burro Mine area of Bountiful Ridge. Winter died an early death in 2016. Some years I'm still skiing those slope in mid-May.

Arrowleaf Balsomroot and Bountiful Ridge hidden in mist.

View NE overlooking Millcreek Canyon and Mueller Park. Elephant Rock (aka Big Rock) is the white spike in mid-picture.

More Arrowleaf Balsamroot over Mueller Park, from Pyramid Peak.

Gunners, did your mothers teach you no manners? If not, she is the problem, so why not overcome your poor genetics and be responsible adults? If you're bad-ass enough to carry a big, bad gun 100 feet from your F-350, you're bad-ass enough to carry out your shit. You're making no friends by trashing our public lands.

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