Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bountiful Ridge, February 19, 2016

Since last week the weather has been all over the place: hot, cold, rain and snow and high winds. The valley has seen the season's first 60 degree day and some ski areas have seen a few non-freezing nights, which means spring is almost here. Today on Bountiful Ridge the temperatures were in the 40's at 8,000 feet, with strong winds on the high points. Snow conditions ranged from wet, melting glop to re-crystallized powder on the north aspects. The best turning was found on a SW aspect (ski run I call Rectangle Bowl) with quasi corn/wet powder on a firm base.  This photo is at Rudy's Flat, under 40 inches.

Skin track up Rectangle Bowl.

View SW over Rectangle Bowl towards Dead Tree Ridge. The snow seen in the shade (NE aspect of Dead Tree Ridge) was dry-ish, recrystallized powder.

Drifting along Rectangle Ridge looking towards Rectangle Peak.

View NW down Rectangle Ridge towards Bountiful.

From Rectangle Peak, view NE across Crescent Bowl towards Sessions Mountain. 

Bountiful Ridge figure eight contest? Only two showed up so I guess that makes Brett the champ!

Top of Rectangle Peak for run number three, as the sun sets.
For our exit run we skied the fall line from Rectangle Bowl down to the Mueller Park summer trail (instead of traversing back to Rudy's Flat), then skinned back to Rudy's Flat along the trail. This is at the bridges, about a quarter mile north of Rudy's Flat. I ride this trail (mt. bike) almost every Sunday morning during the summer and it's soooo much more fun on skis. What can I say? I like winter and the solitude of the forest under snow. 

Sunset shots from the trail just north of Rudy's. I love descending in the dark. The forest is peaceful and calm at night, and when it's dark, and if you're lucky, you sometimes hear the hoot-hoot-hoot of a great horned owl. The voices of wildlife speak to me and fill me with a calm I don't find elsewhere. The voices of nature bring me joy.  

Just below Rudy's Flat heading towards North Canyon, view of Bountiful, Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake.

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  1. Great day out on the ridge. Winds, sun, stars, there was a little of everything. So many possibilities - Nevada ranges, spring in the Tetons, the Uintah Mountains, Hood... Here is to the rest of the season!