Friday, July 3, 2015

Gobbler's Knob, June 19, 2015

Like hiking through Lothlorian. I'm a fair-weather-fan of 'Lord of the Rings', but if I were a Wood Elf, this is where I'd live.  Along the Bowman Fork trail out of Millcreek Canyon.

Raymond Slabs (as in Mt. Raymond), from the Bowman Fork Trail.

Still a little snow on the Cabin Run on the NW face of Gobbler's Knob.

Mt. Raymond from the upper Bowman Fork Trail, looking towards Baker Pass (view SW).

From Baker Pass, the view south towards the snow-covered BCC/LCC divide: (l-r) Kessler Peak, Mineral Fork (not to be confused with Mineral Basin of Snowbird), Mt. Superior, Monte Cristo and the LCC ridge line. The green basin (r) is Mill A Basin on the NE side of Mt. Raymond. 

View from just above Baker Pass, hiking towards Gobbler's: Mill A Basin just below, the snow-covered peaks on the skyline are (l-r) Dromedary Peak (rounded), Sunrise, O'Sullivan's, and Broad's Fork Twins. 

Zoomed view of Dromedary, Sunrise, O'Sullivan's and Broads Fork Twins (summits blocked by branch).

Mineral Fork (with mining/ATV road visible) and Mt. Superior and Monte Cristo and the LCC ridge line. A popular BC ski run called 'Rampage' (for obvious reason) is visible (and still ski able). It's the leftward slash of white at mid-height, 1/4 from the right.  

Gobbler's Knob summit (10,246 feet) an 1/8 mile ridge hop away, viewed from the lower, SW summit (10,224 feet). Butler Basin is on the right, Alexander Basin is barely seen (the timbered slope) down and right of the summit.

Tough to stop taking pictures in beautiful country. Upper Mill D South (aka Lake Blanche Cyn.) and Broads Fork, snow going fast. 

Butler Basin (foreground) = awesome BC skiing. The peak across the way is Kessler with its huge avalanche paths (and popular BC ski runs), affectionately named God's Lawnmower (l) and Argenta (r).  

Last of the snow - must touch before it's gone.

Long way down. SW face of Gobbler's.

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