Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bountiful Peak, May 30, 2015

NE aspect of Session's Mountain still covered, but going fast. 

Power Wagon Peak, my intended ski run is melted out. 'Plan B' is Bountiful Peak. 40 years ago my Dad scared the crap out of me - numerous times - when he loaded up the '69 Dodge Power Wagon with ALL my family, me in the bed (sans seat belt), and climbed up and over this peak on the old road (the only road over the top back in the '70's). The drive was passable by only 4X4's and was 'off-road' technical. Several spots were pretty damn 'roll-able,' at least in the mind of a 10-year-old kid bouncing around in the bed of the truck. I remember one spot, on a 35 degree slope, where two wheels (diagonal) were suspended in the air, the truck teetering one to the other, which brought laughs from my Dad and brothers. I was scared to death. Today the 'new road' (straight ahead in photo) by-passes the old road by cutting straight across the contour of the mountain rather than climbing up and over along the top of the ridge (skyline in the photo). As you can see, the new road is drive-able in a Toyota Prius (almost). I call the peak 'Power Wagon Peak' due to the mental abuse inflicted by my Dad and his truck. 
Back in the mid-70's my Dad drove us up there on July 24th (I remember watching the Bountiful Handcart parade he night before, which always the day before July 24 (approximately 1973), and the whole bowl was still deep with snow with a big cornice across the top. I've wanted to ski it ever since. Sadly, as you can see, it's no longer skiable this year. Times they are a changing.    

View of the Central Wasatch from Bountiful Peak, the 1930's CCC terracing in full view.

The 'ride' at the end of the road (descent into Farmington Canyon blocked by snow) at the Bountiful Peak parking lot. View north toward Francis Peak (with snow) beyond the Yamaha and BD Aspects.

Central Wasatch from the top of my ski run just south of Bountiful Peak. My ski run is out of frame to my left.

More views. Sessions Mountain in mid frame (heavy with snow), and the Central Wasatch on the horizon, with Gobblers Knob, Mt. Raymond Mt. Superior, Dromedary, Sunrise, Broads Fork Twins, Coalpit Headwall and Thunder Mt. clearly visible (l-r).

Francis Peak from Bountiful Peak.

The low point of my ski run on the south side of Bountiful Peak. It snowed about six inches last week, which when combined with the warm temperatures today made for soft, unsupportable snow. I heard the new snow collapse all morning, it didn't slide but still a warning to get off. 

My turns.

My turns again.

Lady Bugs not so lady-like in an orgy, a common scene on high peaks in the spring. 

Antelope Island from Bountiful Peak

Turns and boot.

Turns in wet snow.

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