Friday, February 7, 2014

Bountiful Ridge, February 7, 2014

Typical North Canyon: brush, stream crossings and brush. Did I say brush? Brush to the power of 100. I love skiing Bountiful Ridge, I have it to myself (except for Brett, John and Shara). The skiing is great, but there's a reason why people don't partake. Did I mention brush? Beware, I tore my brand new B.D. pants today on the grabby, Gamble Oak. 

Bird feeder.

35 inches at Rudy's Flat. A year ago (2-25-13) there was 39 inches here. By my count this is the third 'sucky' snow year in a row (see my core shot photo below).

Bird house? Chickadee's dig tree houses and, based on the size, I'm guessing this is the work of a chickadee.

45 inches midway up Rectangle Bowl. Three years ago I measured 85 inches here in February. This winter sucks (see core shot photo below).


Meager snow doesn't even cover the mahogany (brush not the trees). Normally this is buried 4 feet deep. Several years ago when I saw this stuff still exposed (binoculars from the valley) I wouldn't even bother. This year I do a 'work around'.

Approaching storm front with Antelope Island beyond.

Red zone. 33 degree slope in mid Rectangle Bowl. This slope is a SE aspect, low elevation (8,000 feet) and gets a ton of sun, especially this year, and some spots were nearly melted off before last weeks storm, so, based on the above, it's a relatively safe ski run, slide wise.

Looking up Rectangle Bowl, my preferred local for a skin track because it's safe, and makes for nice turns when the N-NE slopes are unstable.

More storm shots. It was windy and kind of cold, but the snow was excellent. Today's avalanche report made is sound like the snow was wet and heavy. It wasn't classic Utah fluff (9 parts air, 1 part snow), but the conditions made for excellent turning conditions.

Rectangle Peak and cornices. I got most of these cornices to fall but they ran only about 50 feet, and did not cause any avalanching. A good sign for me, it meant it was safe to ski, slide wise. About five years ago I skied this slope then, on run number two, this slope cracked, shooting about 75 feet along the drifts, displacing about 5 inches, but never releasing into a full avalanche. It was scary to see my first-run tracks about to get swallowed by a slide. I aborted my second run and billy-goated the ridge back to flat (safe) ground. Today the snow was welded - it seemed bomb proof. I skied with full confidence.   

Cornice drop #1.

Skin track, going back up for another run.  

Skin track from the POV of my Garmont Radium's.

Mt. Mahogany (tree's this time not the brush variety), looking up Rectangle Bowl. These trees are just below the summit of Rectangle Peak.

A grey day but my turns are kind of visible. Great turning conditions!!

Headlamp descent. I got away way too late - again! It'd be nice to just ski the whole day, but you make it fit where and when you can.

Old man looks even older from below. Look at all that saggy skin! Anyone know a good plastic guy?

Core short! Damn!!! In lean years any storm is welcome, but it also creates hazards by hiding rocks.   

Dang GoPro was shooting photo's and I hadn't a clue. Killed the memory on my card. This one was the only keeper, just for the stupid look on my face. 

Running out of daylight! "To old to rock and roll, too young to die." Guess the group and the song and I'll give you the year-old Snickers I found in my pack.   

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