Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mt. Wire Lunch Run, 03-19-2013

'No talking Zone' trail, the south side of Mt. Wire (north side of Emigration Canyon). Last week the snow was continuous from 400 feet below this point, starting at 6,200 feet.

Highest drive-in theatre in Utah, but the parking sucks! Mt. Wire summit (tower) is an 1/8 mile and 200 feet higher than the movie screens (microwave relays), on the right.

Almost to the easy part.

Who's the gasping, bald freak? Hide your women and children. March means bare-chested running weather.

Central Wasatch from the microwave beater-boards - and my camera bag strap - Ansel Adams I am NOT. I don't know who that squatting fellow is. He followed me up 'No Talking Zone' and stopped for a rest.  

Gobblers knob, site of the cabin run, a back country ski run, and Mt. Raymond. Gobblers is the open white slope, Raymond is the dark point to the right of Gobblers. 

Lunch over, now back to work! I've spent 20 years in that glassy, tiered, cruise ship looking building in profile, south of the U. of U. medical center. The mouth of Georges Hollow, and the trail to the 'furniture', is directly below.

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