Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BC Ski - Days and Silver Fork 12-7-12

Leaving work around 1PM, I headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon. My usual haunts have been getting rain, so, breaking protocol, I got on the lemming track looking for snow at higher elevations. From Alta, I skinned up Flagstaff and skied several runs in upper Days Fork. From there I skinned up Hideaway into upper Silver Fork. At dusk I exited down Flagstaff back to Alta. The snow was great and I only snagged a couple of rocks. The Wasatch has great terrain, but the more I ski the Central Wasatch, the more convinced I am that my “home” terrain is just as good in terms of terrain and snow. Lower elevation, yes, but in a normal snow year the difference is negligible. The downside, or perhaps upside depending on your point of view, there is a steep barrier to entry in the form of longer, brushier, more challenging approaches. I'll gladly take that trade-off for lack of crowds. In the meantime, BCC, LCC and MC are fun to explore again after years away.  

Cardiac Bowl, Superior and Monte Cristo from upper Days Fork.
Near the Hallway into Cardiff from upper Days. I told my son he could have my rock skis. He declined.

Upper Days. Great snow but still a bit rocky.

Heading up the Silver Fork/Days Fork divide at dusk.


Pfieferhorn and Superior at sunset, from Emma Ridge (head of Silver Fork).  

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  1. Good to see the Arc Angels out and about. The BL Peak Snotel is reading 20", not great, but hope it is a start. Here is to a good, long ski season. You have started it in good form.