Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rudy's Flat, January 14, 2012

Hiked to Rudy's Flat today with Kara. A beautiful, sunny day with beautiful company. The only thing lacking was skiable snow! The Mountain Mahogany still rule the slopes!!

Route: from the end of the pavement, up North Canyon to the Mueller Park-North Canyon Trail, then up the switchbacks to Rudy's Flat. Conditions were icy in lower canyon, due to melt/freeze cycles and way too many 4x4''s (bring back the gate!), to soft-pack snow at Rudy's.   

Elevation at TR - 5,550 feet.
Elevation at Rudy's Flat - 7,130 feet.
Elevation Gain -  1,580 feet.
Total Distance - 7.27 miles.
One-way distance to Rudy's Flat - 3.65 miles.
Distance from end of pavement to end of double track - 1.27 miles.
Distance from start of single track to Rudy's Flat - 2.38 miles.
Total snow on ground at Rudy's Flat - 12-14 inches.
Total snow on ground at Rudy's Flat January 2011 - 52 inches.
Where's Art Fisher when you need him?

Beauty and the bald-headed freak!

Cougar? Cat's stalk from behind, right? I walked in front from this point. Such a man!

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